‘Snap & Share’, virtual reality holidays and puppy sleepovers!

It’s been a great week in PR, with River Island teaming up with Snapchat, Expedia harnessing the power of virtual reality, and IKEA taking DIY into the kitchen. Take a look at some of our favourite campaigns from the past seven days.


‘Try before you buy’ holidays

Expedia, the online travel company, have recently released a report claiming that 42% of millennials are influenced by photos on social media sites when choosing a holiday destination.

They’ve taken the experience a bit further by creating a virtual reality holiday, allowing users to experience what the holiday would be like before they book. Please hold while I book my ticket to Australia!


River Island reaches millennials through Snapchat


River Island has partnered with Snapchat for a unique ‘Snap & Share’ campaign. Filters are activated in River Island stores around the UK and Republic of Ireland, encouraging shoppers to take a pic and share with their friends while shopping.

Users who share pictures using the filter are entered into a competition to win a £1,000 shopping spree and a digital camera. The polaroid-style filters fit the style of their current advertising campaigns, and new filters will be released throughout the season.


Sea water pop-up


Pop-ups have been showing up everywhere in recent years. They’re trendy, hip, and people flock to visit them before they shut down. This latest pop-up is a bit different than the rest; launching at Pop Brixton on 8th September, The Bottle is serving up sea water!

Recently, the news has sadly reported several incidents of people drowning due to dangerous water conditions, usually as they don’t fully understand ocean safety.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the conditions of the sea when swimming, the volunteer lifeboat crew members that are on duty, and for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s charity H2Only.

It will offer ten different regional varieties of seat water, such as “Cornish Surf” and “Thames Wash” with warnings displayed on the labels.


DIY restaurant

Ever fancy being a chef? Now you can! From 10th to 25th September, Ikea is launching a Do-It-Yourself space where you can serve up to 20 friends. Don’t worry, there will be a team to supervise and help clean up. Grab some friends, and see if you can assemble a winning meal!


Puppy sleepovers

Despite being adorable Paul Anka (yes thatís a dogís name!) had been at the Lifeline Animal Shelter for nine months without ever being noticed by prospective families. Desperate to find the pup a home staff at the Lifeline Animal Project came up with a plan; they dressed Paul Anka in pyjamas and offered him to potential adopters for a sleepover. "We thought that putting a dog in pyjamas and asking if someone would let him spend the night would be a great attention getter," LifeLine spokesperson Karen Hirsch told ëThe Dodoí. Janna Sayer's sons had been pitching the family on bringing home a dog for a while. Finally, it seemed like the right time. Sayer's husband, John, really just had one requirement: no pit bulls. But an animal rescuer friend showed them a video of Paul Anka at the shelter, and he looked like such a nice, loving dog. When they found out that they could take him home for the night the family decided to give it a try. The shelter provided the family with a leash, food, bowls, everything he'd needÖand within half an hour, they knew he'd be sticking around for good. Now LifeLine's trying the same thing with another group of dogs ó long-timers who can't seem to catch a family's eye, or dogs who just need a little extra boost to get out of the shelter. These pups have been dressed up in their most adorable PJs, and have been made available for sleepovers. The sleepovers are also intended to give these pups a break from the stressful shelter environment ó and an opportunity for a dog's true personality to emerge, so that they can be placed with a well-matched family. "At the shelter they can often act too excited, because they desire human attention so much, but aren't used to getting it for extended periods of time. When they go to someone's house, they can settle down and just be themselves," says Hirsch. Featuring: Atmosphere Where: Atlanta, Georgia, United States When: 31 Aug 2016 Credit: Supplied by WENN.com **WENN does not claim any ownership including but not limited to Copyright, License in attached material. Fees charged by WENN are for WENN's services only, do not, nor are they intended to, convey to the user any ownership of Copyright, License in material. By publishing this material you expressly agree to indemnify, to hold WENN, its directors, shareholders, employees harmless from any loss, claims, damages, demands, expenses (including legal fees), any causes of action, allegation against WENN arising out of, connected in any way with publication of the material.**

“Cami, what does your dream look like?”

Well, thanks for asking. It’s this. Dogs in pyjamas. I think this might be my favourite campaign ever.

Lifeline Animal Projects from Georgia in the United States noticed that some of their dogs weren’t getting much attention from potential owners. The staff came up with the idea that if potential owners were given the chance to take the dog home for one night (dressed in PJs!) to get to know them, they’d be more likely to find a home.

It turns out they were right, as a number of dogs who’d been in the shelter for months have now found forever homes following their slumber party!


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