Willy Wonka, Desperados and Netflix

It’s come to that time of the week again, where we take a look at our favourite campaigns. This week has been full of some really great stunts that we can’t wait to share with you.

Bar Luca, Sydney- Willy Wonka Tribute

In honour of Gene Wilder’s recent passing, Bar Luca, a restaurant in Sydney, has created a rainbow burger as a fitting tribute.

The Beauregard Burger is a creation inspired by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, put together by the imaginative folks at Bar Luca. Inside the burger is beef, tomato soup jelly and popping candy cheese. It certainly is one heck of an interesting meal.

We think this it’s a great way to honour Gene – it’s just a shame it’s at the other end of the world!


Netflix – Narcos

To mark the new series of Narcos, Netflix teamed up with language app Babbel to put on a few Narcos-based language lessons.

The Narcos Babbel lesson is designed like a regular language lesson, but instead of teaching users the basics of Spanish, the demo teaches the Spanish equivalent of what the characters in Narcos might need to know – everything from scoring deals to hiding contraband, in line with the drug crime series.

The lesson features images and audio from the series and is adapted to teach ‘Narco Spanish’ in six of Babbel’s display languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish.

Desperados #breakfree

Desperados recently employed a risky tactic in a campaign in Singapore by spraying artwork across major landscapes. But all was not as it seemed, as they used LED light projections to simulate graffiti.

The campaign, by SapientNitro, took the brand’s tag line of #BreakNormal and turned it into an art hack by collaborating with local artists Zero, Tech and Brandon Tay. They chose the National Gallery, National Stadium and People’s Park Complex as the locations for the installations.

We think this is a great way for the brand to connect to Singapore in a cultural way and allow themselves to step outside the realm of their normal marketplace.

Know No

Earlier this year, the team at Marc USA Chicago, in partnership with Red Snake, took to the streets of Chicago with a few dancers. Each dancer pretended to sleep on a bench or a mattress with a sign reading, “If I can’t say no, I can’t say yes,” in front of them.

This was part of the “Know No” campaign, which aims to teach young men and women across the US about sexual consent.

Channel 4 and Maltesers promote diversity

As part of a campaign to promote diversity around the Paralympic Games, Mars will be promoting Maltesers with a series of adverts that will air on Channel 4.
They will not initially air with subtitles, but they will be added later. The aim is to remind people of “the barriers hearing impaired people face when sign or subtitles are overlooked.”


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