Walkers’ crisp sarnie club with cheese, salad cream and Snozzcumbers!

Morrison’s are selling Snozzcumbers

To celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday yesterday, supermarket Morrison’s have come up with the genius (and so simple) idea to sell the BFG’s infamous Snozzcumbers.

Fans of the book and film will remember that the Snozzcumbers are a fruit that very much resembled (you guessed it), a cucumber.


Rebecca Burns, Morrison’s chief cucumber buyer explains, “We’re bringing a bit of the magic of Roald Dahl’s story into our stores and celebrating this humble cucumber in all its knobbly, wonky glory. Unlike Snozzcumbers, children will find this variety delicious – not a hint of cockroaches or slime wanglers.

The snozzcumbers cost 41p each and a donation will be made to Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity for every one sold.

If you’re not partial to a Snozzcumber, we’ve also spotted Rococo’s range of Roald Dahl chocolate bars which include Bean’s Cider Milk and Bruce Bogtrotter’s Chocolate Fudge Cake. But hurry, James’ Scrumptious Peach is already sold out!

Walkers’ crisp sarnie club

I’m not going to lie, a few too many of the new sandwich flavour Walkers crisps have been sampled in the office over the last couple of weeks.

So when we heard that Walkers were opening a speak easy style crisp sarnie club in London, it’s safe to say we were a tad jealous. *

Hidden behind a movable crisp shelf in a newsagent in London Bridge, the club allows crisp sarnie connoisseurs to build their own sandwich from a variety of breads, fillings, limited edition crisps and sauces.


The sarnie club will be hidden within Chris Peter’s News store on Tooley Street until Sep 24th. Make sure you get your ticket here.

*So jealous in fact, we’ve opened our own ‘not so secret’ B3 crisp sarnie club in the office this Friday, no ticket required!

Clapham common’s cat takeover

If you’ve ventured anywhere near the south London tube station this week, you may have noticed that there has been an infestation of furry felines.

After launching in April, the aptly named Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (or CATS for short) has raised thousands of pounds on a crowd-funding website – the aim? To give London commuters a well-earned break from the constant advertising on the underground and replace all 68 adverts with posters of cats!

However, what we love the most about this campaign is that all the cats featured are strays from Battersea and Cats Protection, as well as one poster starring members of the publics’ cats who each donated £100 to make their pets famous. One proud owner even travelled from the US to see his cats modelling debut.


Ikea’s rainy day special

Some customers have already called Ikea out for a ‘cheap’ marketing ploy…but we say it’s genius!

Shoppers have noticed that Ikea changes the price of its umbrellas when it’s raining outside. The Swedish furniture store appears to do us all a favour when an unexpected downpour strikes and lower the price of its Grossby umbrellas.


Unfortunately, the above image posted on Reddit suggests this ‘rainy day special’ is only available in the US so it’s a pretty good job we’re in for the hottest September in 67 years!


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