Silent Snacks, Delete to Feed, and an out-of-office message like no other!

The weekend is so close we can almost taste it…

But first, we have to acknowledge what a great week it’s been in the world of PR. Packed to the brim with innovative and unique ideas – let us share our favourites with you. Enjoy!

The Real Junk Food Project – Food waste supermarket

The UK’s first food waste supermarket has now opened in Pudsey…which isn’t too far away from our Leeds office!

The supermarket is the latest creation from the food waste campaigners The Real Junk Food Project, who are renowned for their food waste cafés around the world. The store stocks surplus food that was on its way to the bin, and all produce is priced on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis.

Amazingly, the supermarket receives on average between two and ten tonnes of food at its warehouse every day!


Qantas – Out of Office Travelogue

Qantas airlines have come up with a fantastic way to spruce up your (typically very dull) out-of-office replies. You can now turn your message into a travel diary of your Instagram photos.

If you want to make your colleagues even more jealous about the fact that you’re on holiday, then check out how it works in the video below:

Desigual brings Snapchat filters to life

Recently, we’ve seen an increase in brands experimenting with Snapchat and their sponsored lenses offering.

However, at New York Fashion Week, we saw clothing brand Desigual take a different approach to utilising Snapchat.

They brought Snapchat filters to life…on the runway!

From paper versions of the ‘flower crown filter’, to the classic ‘dog filter’ expertly created through the power of makeup, it’s such a simple, yet effective idea.

Land O’Lakes – Delete to Feed

#FoodPorn, #InstaFood and #Foodie are just a few examples of the food related hashtags that we see on Instagram when users are sharing food photos. But, after hitting the upload button, do these food-photo-sharing users ever stop to think about those who go hungry every day?

With this in mind, American based agricultural cooperative, Land O’Lakes, created the Delete to Feed campaign, aiming to help Feeding America erase hunger, one Instagram photo at a time.

Any #InstaFoodie can take part in the challenge – all you have to do is delete one food photo from your Instagram account and Land O’Lakes will donate 11 meals to those in need. You can find all the relevant information to take part on this website.


Shhhhh! TodayTix – Silent Snacks

Could this be the end of slurping and loud crunching at the cinemas and theatres? TodayTix, a mobile-app for theatre tickets, have created a silent snack range, which they exclusively trialled at certain shows at London theatres.

Whether this is simply a clever PR stunt, or an actual attempt to banish all those terribly annoying cinema snacks, it’s a really playful idea and has received some great coverage so far!


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