Pizza-ordering tattoos, “Restart A Heart” and creepy castles

Friday’s here, meaning it’s time for our round-up of the best PR campaigns we’ve seen online in the past seven days. Read on to find out which brands have been making headlines this week…

Pizza Hut’s pizza-ordering tattoos

In what’s possibly the strangest campaign this week, Pizza Hut have introduced a new ordering system…temporary tattoos! We’re not quite sure how useful this really is, but according to the brand, users can scan the tattoo with their phone and it will instantly allow them to order their favourite pizza.

Just peel off the tattoo, apply it to your skin, scan it and choose delivery or collection to order your favourite pizza. Keep an eye on Pizza Hut’s Facebook page to get your hands on one of the 40 temporary pizza-ordering tattoos.


Easy Jet brings Holland to London with immersive theatre

With Brexit still high on the media’s radar, budget airline EasyJet launched their “Why Not” campaign last month, encouraging spontaneous travellers to embrace trips to Europe. This week we saw them partner with the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to bring the “sights and delights” of Holland to the UK.

During the two day stunt, a plane door appeared on London’s Shoreditch High Street and visitors were taken on a theatrical adventure, experiencing Holland’s finest sights.

Those who weren’t around for the stunt could still participate by watching a 360-degree film, allowing them to enter a competition to win a trip away. The campaign goes to show that online and offline PR can be combined to bring creativity to a campaign.

Easy Jet - Holland

British Heart Foundation helps to “Restart A Heart”

In honour of “Restart a Heart Day”, the British Heart Foundation came up with a clever way to get people talking about the cause on Twitter. The campaign started when BHF tweeted the below…

The charity then used Twitter’s auto reply function to send a message to those who “liked” the post, revealing whether they have been “saved” or not. This highlighted the fact that less than one in ten people survive a cardiac arrest.


This is a simple and incredibly gripping way to get the public to stop and think about a serious issue, encouraging more people to train in CPR. It’ll be interesting to see if the campaign has an impact on these numbers over the next few months.

Airbnb’s creepy castle competition

With Halloween just more than a week away, brands are beginning to creep into the media with spooky campaigns. Our favourite this week is Airbnb’s Dracula Castle, which has appeared on the site.

Lucky guests staying at the Romanian castle will arrive via a horse-drawn carriage, enjoy a “blood-enriching meal” and get to sleep in a coffin. The building is thought to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” and the carriage ride will retrace Jonathan Harker’s journey, giving guests and ultimate Halloween experience.

guests and ultimate Halloween experience.

This follows on from last year’s stunt, when the home rental website added “the world’s largest graveyard” to their listings. Read on to learn how you can win a night at the castle here.


ADT show they’re #AlwaysThere

Our final campaign is another Halloween themed one, this time from US home security company ADT. Their latest video project has been created based on a real phone call from one of their customers, Katie, who lives in New Orleans.

Katie contacted ADT’s customer service team after her 9-year-old son needed reassuring about ghosts in the house, asking the team to play along and tell her son they had installed a “ghost monitor” in the house to make sure he is safe.

Xavier, the customer service representative, willingly obliged and spoke to the child on the phone. Listen to their conversation by watching the below video.


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