Campaign Inspiration: Brands that have nailed their PR strategy this week

Looking for inspiration for a PR campaign? We’ve got you! Each week we sum up our top PR campaigns of the week in a blog post – so go ahead and explore over a years’ worth of campaigns here. Find inspiration for Christmas campaigns, Valentines Day, summer travel pieces and even the odd cheeky one, too!

// before you shoot off, read up on our top 5 PR campaigns of this week below! This week’s PR blog post includes a Napflix/Netflix campaign, a Halloween experience by GiffGaff and a campaign that may help you relax your distressed dogs this Bonfire Night! And, as always, a few gifs that may make you smile.

Goodbye Netflix and Chill, hello Napflix and Sleep!

Do you need to have the TV on at night to help you sleep – but then find yourself staying awake till 3am watching a freaky horror film and end up rocking up to work looking like a zombie?
Napflix is Netflix for people who need to get to sleep, and it’s genius!

Napflix is a Spanish video platform which helps people get to sleep whilst also satisfying our Netflix habits. The platform finds you ‘the most silent and sleepy content selection to relax your brain and easily fall asleep’. There’s a menu that offers you videos about anything from religion to sports to music and is believed to help you into a deep slumber.

Explore the platform here if you’re feeling restless and in need of a good kip.

fire place

MORE TH>N Pet Insurance works with David Tennant to calm cats and dogs this Bonfire Night!

Do you have a cat squeals at the sound of a firework or a dog that hides under the quilts on Bonfire night?

Why not distract them with ‘Peer Window’ or ‘Woofering Heights’ – the first ever films for cats and dogs!

//, MORE TH>N Pet Insurance has partnered with Doctor Who star David Tennant to launch the first ever films made especially for cats and dogs who are stressed out of by the loud bangs on Bonfire Night.

MORE TH>N worked with animal behaviourist Karen Wild and vet Robert White-Adams to ensure the films used scientific techniques to relax the animals.

Interested in giving them a try? You can find the videos to show your cats and dogs on YouTube here.

more than

GiffGaff launches a Halloween Salon

It may be too late to check it out yourself, but last week Giffgaff launched a campaign that hit the headlines at Halloween. Giffgaff opened a Halloween Salon that helped party-goers get ready, with a free pop-up hair and make-up salon in the heart of Soho.

// salon is inspired by Giffgaff’s latest ad, which encourages people to “end the nightmare” of two-year mobile phone contracts. Giffgaff, the network run by its community, does not offer contracts. It runs on a pay-as-you-go basis, and its members are free to leave at any point.

Watch the video and see inside the salon below.

Harry Potter star Emma Watson leaves books on London Underground


Emma Watson became a book fairy for a day!

The Harry Potter star dashed around the London Underground and hid 100 copies of Maya Angelou’s “Mom & Me & Mom” for passengers to find.

The book is the November pick for her online book club, Our Shared Self. To promote it, she even left a personal hand-written note inside each book for lucky finders to enjoy.

// wrote that she hoped the reader would enjoy the book and urged them to leave it on the tube afterwards for others to find.

Cordelia Oxley, director of Books on the Underground, said: “The reaction has been phenomenal. It must be a mixture of how much everyone adores Emma, and how exciting it is to find something as wonderful as a new book on your journey.”

Greggs launch a VIP WhatsApp group for hardcore pasty fans who want freebies

We’re based in Yorkshire – making us hardcore pasty fans! Therefore, a VIP WhatsApp group for Greggs freebies put a smile on many of the B3 staff members’ faces this week.


The group chat is named Festive Bake Lovers and, unfortunately, has limited places. However, Kerry, one of our PR executives, managed to get a spot on the WhatsApp group. She now has access to free cheese and bean melts, alongside opportunities to enter competitions and see exclusive content.

It’s worth giving it a shot! You can try to gain a spot on the group chat by messaging your name and number to 07759325409 – but it doesn’t automatically guarantee entry.

Also, there are a few rules to follow. Greggs said: ‘To keep everything fun and festive, we’ve got a few house rules. No spam, just turkey and ham please.”

Sounds good to me!

Bake lovers


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