Trump Against Humanity, True Doors and Jaffa Cakes!

It’s come around to that time of the week again, when we take a look at our favourite campaigns. This week has been full of some really great stunts that we can’t wait to share with you.

True Doors –Feel at Home

true doors

A door company, True Doors have recreated the doors of dementia patients’ houses in their care homes, to help them feel even more at home.

We love the sentimentality and thoughtfulness of this campaign. It’s a simple and creative way for a door company to target mainstream media in a heart-warming manner.

Trump Against Humanity

In light of the new President-Elect, The Sid Lee Collective has taken a new spin on the ‘Trump card’. They’ve created a party game based on Donald-themed cards that include all of his best one-liners.

Trump Against Humanity was developed by Canada-based ad agency, Sid Lee Collective. Though the company isn’t able to sell the game due to legal reasons, it was a great tongue-in-cheek piece that has gained a lot of coverage.

It’s a great example of a reactive idea that gained traction on the news agenda in a fun and creative way.


At the 2016 Qualifying Draw in Peru, marketing agency Wunderman Phantasia hosted a stunt to raise awareness of domestic abuse..

During half time, they took advantage of the classic close-ups of women during the games:

This is a great example of how a public event can be used to get a brand or charity’s message across to a large crowd in a shocking yet effective way.

McVitie’s – Save The Day

Save the day

Tristan and Maria bonded on their very first date, over their mutual love of Jaffa Cakes. Cut to years later, and the couple are about to marry – but they’re in desperate need of a wedding cake, after being let down by a vender.

A few kind words to McVitie’s about their love story and their special day is saved.

A huge wedding cake featuring over 1,000 Jaffa Cakes was constructed, designed by Paul Courtney, who created Prince William’s ‘Groom Cake’.

This is a great reactive piece by McVitie’s, which not only pleases the happy couple, but is great PR, too!

PETA – Could you stomach this?

PETA asked Londoners, in a focus group and on the street, to try a new milk drink. But not all was as it seemed.

The new beverage had a positive reception; it was sweet, creamy and whiter than white. People loved it. Until they were told it was milk from dogs.

Relax, it wasn’t actually dog milk – it was soya. But people’s reactions were amazing and the video does well to get across PETA’s vegan agenda by using great shock tactics.


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