Grab your cheese advent calendar and write your letter to Santa, it’s December!

Well guys, it’s officially December! Which means a number of things are due to kick off in our office: our head of PR, David, can put his Cliff Richard’s Christmas CD on, we’re stuffing our faces with mince pies and the giant B3 advent calendar is out!

However, we think someone might have done one better this year. We spotted this unbrie-lievable advent calendar on Annem Hobson’s twitter, a London food blogger and cheese enthusiast, who’s petitioning to make the So Wrong It’s Nom cheesy advent calendar a real thing by Christmas 2017.


And we think she might have a good shot, as the Telegraph, Metro, Cosmopolitan and Mashable (to name a few) have already shown their support.

To join the #cheesenotchoc movement, sign up for the 2017 calendar here. We already have!

Dear Santa…

We love this next idea, it’s so simple but unbelievably cute. As you can imagine, every year the Royal Mail receive hundreds of letters from boys and girls across Britain addressed to the Big Guy. Well this year, Father Christmas will actually write back (or at least some guy sat in Royal Mail HQ will!).

A letter from Santa himself has been issued on the Royal Mail site asking children to post their letters by next Friday (9th December), informing him and the elves of your ­­­Christmas wish list!

Royal Mail

Fancy a glass of Sauvignon Yorkshire?

This week, Laithwaite’s wine have only gone and thrown a giant grape shaped spanner in the works for every environmental activist in the world by releasing their Great Britain 2100 wine growing regions map.

The team at Laithwate’s have worked with climate expert Professor Mark Maslin at UCL, creating a model to predict the changing conditions in the UK and how this could enable us to be self-sufficient in producing Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and even the hard to cultivate Malbec grape in a few generations’ time.

Check out the full study and map on their website to see what wine you could be producing in your back garden come 2100!

Let’s hope we have our own Amsterdam Hangover bar by 2100, too

I’m not sure I’m 100% sold on this idea… There is no way on earth that, when I’m suffering a monster hangover, I want to be seen in public – least of all in another bar! But for PR purposes, it’s got our thumbs up!

Online mattress retailer Matt have opened the world’s first hangover bar in Amsterdam, where the bouncers ensure you fail a breathalyser test in order to gain entry!

As well as offering an array of comfy beds (obviously) with accompanying teddies, slippers and movies, Matt have teamed up with Innocent drinks and Foodora to supply essential hangover food and thirst quenchers. But the best feature of this green oasis has to be the ‘fresh oxygen’ hook up to boost your recovery…incredible!

Another world’s first: Therapeutic shopping

Online extraordinaire eBay are getting very technical this year. Last week they discovered that Christmas shopping is more stressful than running a marathon, and this week they have opened the world’s first ‘emotion-powered’ pop-up to remove these stresses of the outside world and offer a next-generation shopping experience.

Using facial coding technology and ambient biometric sensors, the individual booths tell users which of the items on eBay’s giving page they emotionally connect with the most, through a personalised emotion report.



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