A melting shoe, Beckham’s tattoos and a Christmas tearjerker

Friday is here and this week we have enjoyed all things Christmassy in the Branded3 office – especially a giant, chocolate-filled advent calendar!

As it’s the end of the week, in true Branded3 tradition we bring you five PR campaigns that we think deserve a shout out.

Face swap with Santa

This week, Greggs has come up with a genius idea to get into the Christmas spirit. When you buy one of their Christmas pasties, it comes in a Santa wrapper. First of all, when you eat it, it looks like you have a beard. And secondly, you can face swap with Santa!

Greggs are urging everyone to take a selfie with their new beard or face swap with Santa as part of their #pastysanta competition, so if you want to earn yourself a delicious gift code, get snapping.

face swap

Boohoo melts

This campaign is an amazing example of how to make the most of Facebook Live Streaming. Boohoo has used it in an extremely creative competition that encourages all of their shoppers to get involved.

They placed a shoe within an ice sculpture and every time one of their 300,000 watchers of the live feed commented ‘melt’, hot air would blast on the ice. The last person to comment the word and free the shoe would win a £500 voucher.

They gained an amazing 2 million views on Facebook.


#EndViolence with David Beckham

We all know that David Beckham is a nice guy, but now that he has paired up with Unicef, we love him even more! He is officially a Good Will Ambassador for Unicef and is using his tattoos as a visual statement to show viewers the effects that violence can have on somebody’s life.

In the video, Beckham’s tattoos move and evolve into abusive characters. Just like tattoos, violence has a permanent effect – the tattoos place emphasis on the concept of ‘lasting marks’. It’s a creative approach to get viewers thinking about abuse in a new way, and realising how permanent the effect can be.

The Christmas ad that melts our heart

John Lewis has some serious competition this year. As soon as we watched this Polish advert in the office, everyone had a tear in their eye.

The advert is made on behalf of Allegro and features an elderly man trying to learn English: he improves over time and is ready for his trip to England – which is when we find out the reason behind all of his hard work.

I don’t want to spoil the ending, so make sure you watch it to find out what happens…

The advert has received praise on social media, with many saying it’s better than the John Lewis advert this year.

Tommee Tippee to the rescue

We wanted to end with an especially heart-warming story.

Ben Carter is a severely autistic boy, aged 14, who only drinks out of a Tommee Tippee cup. His dad took to social media in the hope that someone would help him find an identical one because his was breaking. Ben has been to hospital many times due to dehydration because he would rather go without water than have to drink from a different cup.


Tommee Tippee picked up his desperate tweet and went on a search for this specific cup. After a few hiccups along the way, they finally found another one and decided to copy it and send Ben 500 versions so that he can carry on using his favourite cup for life.




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