Coffee with dogs, pizza with pals, or champagne with Idris Elba?

Wahey! It’s Friday! And what better way to cure your January blues than to have a look at the PR stunts, pops and campaigns which have caught the eye of the Branded3 team this week?

Relax at a canine cafe

Dogs really are a man’s best friend, but they’re not always welcome at coffee shops and pubs when you want to sit down for a drink and a chat.

Well, a mother and son duo, Tanya and Dan Pare, have opened Warwickshire’s first dog café, where dogs can happily accompany their owners for a quick coffee and bite to eat.

Originally intending to set up a canine boutique, they thought it would be great to provide a place where dog owners were free to bring their dogs, so they combined ideas and Chiens et Café, a dog boutique-café, was born!

While dog owners can choose from paninis and toasties, dogs can get their paws on shepherd’s pie and chilli – washed down with a nice ‘doggy’ beer.

You may have to rely on the fellow humans for the chat though.

Blue January birthdays

Pizza restaurant chain Franco Manca, like many brands, is using Blue Monday (16th January) to its PR advantage.

Initially used as a marketing ploy, Blue Monday is supposed to be the most miserable day of the year. Why? Due to Christmas and New Year’s celebrations being well and truly over, and having to the face the sad reality of going back to work with a lower bank balance, debt and a few extra pounds to spare around your waist.

Many brands try and persuade consumers the only way to cheer themselves up is to buy lots and lots of things. However, Franco Manca has spun a refreshing twist on Blue Monday.

The restaurant chain is giving away free pizzas on Blue Monday, but only on the condition that the claimant was born in January.


Franco Manca says that not only do January babies have to suffer from blues like everybody else, but they also have to suffer the pain of receiving naff presents because everyone is so poor and exhausted. They wanted to bring some birthday joy to the Capricorns and Aquarians out there!

New movement markers for Monopoly?

Emojis have become a way of like in the 21st century. Monopoly has been a source of family feuding for decades.

Hasbro, owner of Monopoly, is considering combining the two, giving the more-than 80-year-old game a 21st century reboot.

It’s asking the public to vote on a new set of player movement tokens, allowing people to option to keep the ol’ faithful Scottie dog and thimble, or to replace them with things such as a winking emoji, a thumbs up, or even other items such as a dinosaur, or loaf of sliced bread.

You can vote for your favourite until January 31st here:

Egg-cellent travel lodge’

While it may be a miserable snowy January, we have one thing to look forward to: the return of Creme Eggs (yay!).

To celebrate the Creme Egg season, which runs from January to Easter, Cadbury’s has created its first-ever Cadbury Crème Egg Hunting Lodge which will be touring the UK from January 27th.

cream egg

Stopping off in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Edinburgh, the lodge will be filled with wall-to-ceilings displays of Creme Egg “hunting paraphernalia” and the chance to hunt for eggs.

There will also be a Creme Egg-inspired menu, which will include ‘Gooey Creme Egg S’mores’, ‘Creme Egg Hunter’s Hot Choc’, and ‘Creme Black Forest Toastie’.

Will you be Idris’ Valentine?

Hollywood actor Idris Elba is one suave guy and he has teamed up with WE Can Lead to bring awareness to the amazing charity that works to educate and empower women in Africa – WE standing for women everywhere.

For one night only, you could be Idris Elba’s actual date. Giving you an evening he described in his own words as “a night you will not forget”.

be mine

The date will start by sipping champagne, followed by dinner where Idris will let you “pound his yams”, finishing off with dessert where you can have anything you want.

For a chance to win the unforgettable night, all you have to do is donate to WE Can Lead here. Even if you don’t win, you’ll know you’ve helped a great charity that is committed to “ensuring young girls receive the educational opportunity, leadership development and mentoring support necessary to become the new generation of female leaders across the continent of Africa”.


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