Brands get romantic in time for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Cards for all

I know that I never thought about it, but most Valentine’s Day cards are geared towards man/woman couples. Sainsbury’s have decided to spread the love with cards that are for all types of couples this V-Day.

This isn’t the first time the grocer has stepped out in spreading the love – they featured a gay couple in their Christmas advert for the second year in a row.

Sainsbury's Valentines

Sainsbury's Valentines Card

Image Source


New Kitchen Assistant

Everyone knows that 10 years ago, technology wasn’t near as advanced as now and we can assume that in 10 years’ time it will be even more advanced. Ikea has envisioned that by 2027, we will have a table that assists us in the kitchen.

The idea is that the table will be able to read what ingredients you’ve got and how you can use them, measure items for you, and even charge your phone. Is this something you’d be interested in or do you think this is going a bit too far?

You can check out the new look for this in more detail here.

Does Pizza = Love?

Pizza Express is experimenting with love by using pizza toppings. Have you ever gotten in to the argument on whether pineapple goes on pizza (it does)? The Leicester Square location are pairing up singles based solely on their choice of toppings. Will people find other similarities other than liking olives on their pizza and prove this right or will conversations fizzle out?

Pizza Express Valentine's day

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Katy Perry’s #ChainedToTheRhythm

The trend recently in music has been to drop an album or a song unexpectedly – and Katy Perry has taken this to the next step. The popstar has hidden disco balls all around the world for people to plug their headphones in and listen to her new song. From outside the Moulin Rouge in Paris, Leicester Square in London, and in Griffith Park, 24 disco balls were chained up around the world.


Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK, partnered with Strawberry Energy, has set up 10 ‘Smart Benches’ around London. The aim is that not a lot of people carry cash, so you’re able to use your contactless card or smartphone to donate £2 to the charity.

This is followed by a charity in Amsterdam who used the contactless payment technology embedded in a jacket to homeless people. Tapping their coat donated €1 to their ‘bank account’ at a local shelter that allowed them to purchase food, a bed, or a bath.

Cancer Research Smart Bench

Image Source 


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