Kicking off spring with Branded3’s favourite PR campaigns this week

This week, we’ve seen PR stories ranging from serious awareness campaigns, to the seriously strange. We think that the upcoming event of April Fool’s Day might have something to do with the latter…

Burger King – Whopper Toothpaste

The latest campaign from Burger King left us with a bad taste in our mouths after we saw their “Whopper toothpaste”. The fast food brand has launched burger flavoured toothpaste, which supposedly leaves your mouth feeling “Whopper fresh” all day long.

A short video released claims that “the Whopper’s taste is so good; some people will do anything to keep it in their mouths”.

Though a pretty gross idea, I think we can safely assume this is intended as an April Fool’s joke ready for this weekend.

Countryside Hotels – The Relationship Guarantee

A Swedish hotel group has been encouraging couples to spend quality time together through their new “relationship guarantee”. Or more accurately, a “divorce guarantee” – if you book a romantic weekend in one of their hotels but, unfortunately end up splitting within 12 months of the stay, you can claim the money back.

Marketing Officer, Anna Madsen, said, “some people have been surprised by the idea and asked if it’s actually a joke, but the offer is real. She says the radical approach is designed make people realise “how beneficial it can be to get away for a while and devote time to each other”.


New Zealand Fire Service – “Escape My House”

In an online first, the New Zealand Fire Service is asking the public to escape for a house fire in a new 360o video experience. The video aims to show how quickly a house fire can spread and highlight the importance of a planned escape route.

New Zealand Fire Service Station Officer and current Training Officer, Chris Kennedy, commented, “until you experience a fire, you’ve got no idea what it’s like. The Escape My House VR activity allows members of the public to see and hear what a house fire is truly like for themselves. We don’t want to scare people, but it’s an activity to teach others how to get out safely and quickly. It also shows why we all need working smoke alarms, a clear escape plan, and a safe meeting place.”

This campaign supports their escape planner tool, which allows households to plan a fire emergency plan. You can view the tool on their website.

Girls Auto Clinic – Clutch Beauty Bar

All-female car garage “Girls Auto Clinic” is on a mission to change the relationship between women and the automotive industry. The company wants to make a visit to the garage stress-free for females who they believe often get mistreated when dealing with male mechanics.

To support the work being done in the car clinic, the brand has recently opened their very own beauty bar, where customers can receive manicures, pedicures, and other beauty treatments while they wait to pick up their car. This is in the hope that it puts customers at ease and those leading busy lifestyles can get 2 in 1 – a fresh lick of paint for both their car and themselves.

You can read more about the Philadelphia based company in Bored Panda’s coverage of the story.

Mexico City Metro – “I’d Rather Stand”

In Mexico research revealed that 65% of Mexico City women have been sexually harassed when travelling on the city’s buses or trains. This included being groped and catcalled. Responding to this, the Mexican government have launched a campaign to tackle the issue and raise awareness, targeting men in particular.

The city has a specially designated police unit which aims to catch offenders in the act, charging them with an offence. However, they haven’t just stopped there. In a shock campaign this week, the government created the “penis seat” which could only be sat on buy men. This was designed to show males the inappropriate behaviour and situations women find themselves in every day.

Signs above and below the X-rated seat read ‘exclusive for men’ and ‘it’s uncomfortable to sit here but it doesn’t compare with the sexual violence that women suffer in their everyday lives.’

The public’s reaction to the seat was filmed and broadcast on TVs across the train line’s platforms. You can view their reactions in the video below:



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