How brands like Samsung and Selfridges gained links and coverage this week

For this week’s PR round up, I’m looking at the top five PR campaigns that have achieved nationwide coverage or links. Campaigns by McDonalds, Deliveroo, Ikea, Selfridges and Samsung have stood out from the crowd this week, and here’s why …

Samsung reveals Britain’s best views using the new S8

To promote the new Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung have launched a campaign partnering with Britain’s Landscape Photographer of the Year, Matthew Cattell, to capture images of Britain’s best views.

The photographer has been challenged by Samsung to travel around the UK capturing the country’s beautiful landscapes using just the S8 phone.


Travel experts from leading publications including Rough Guides, Wanderlust, and Good Housekeeping then placed their vote on which location has the best view, with Snowdonia in North Wales receiving the most votes.

Publications including Business Insider, Daily Mail and The Independent covered the campaign, with some even linking to the campaign page which reveals the new S8 features. The product page has received 256 domain links so far from international sites such as Mashable, too. Of course, not all of the links were generated from this campaign alone, but it has certainly helped amplify and promote the launch.

Interestingly, Samsung did receive more coverage than links, which could be because a link to a product page is often seen as promotional, and most journalists don’t like to do it. Samsung could have created something a little less promotional for the press to link to, which would have had a huge impact. Take a look at my previous blog post, How to turn coverage into links in 2017, to learn more on this subject.

McDonald’s recruiting teens through Snapchat

McDonald’s and Snapchat have collaborated to launch a new application allowing people to apply for a job using a Snapchat filter. Snaplications, which went live in Australia last Friday as a tester, is a Snapchat filter that lets people put on a virtual McDonald’s hat and name tag. Then, they can record a 10-second video talking about themselves and send it to McDonald’s to apply for a role.

This move from the fast food brand probably won’t replace the traditional interview process, but it will help them find bubbly, creative and positive personalities that suit a customer service role. The CEO of McDonald’s Australia says this is a ‘world first’ as it “gives users the ability to apply for a job — or at least commence that process — by sending a 10-second snap.”


The campaign is purely experimental, but it has achieved some great press coverage for the brand. International publications such as Mashable, CNBC, Fortune and Tech Radar have all covered the story.

You can order a Creme Egg pizza this Easter from Deliveroo

Deliveroo has unveiled a limited-edition Creme Egg pizza, and I’m not sure how to feel about it!



The pizza, which has been named ‘The Fior-egg-tina’, is a sugary take on the classic Fiorentina. The Fior-egg-tina has a macerated strawberry base, mascarpone and mint toppings, as well as sweet and oozy Creme Eggs – plus a Creme Egg centre.

Crust Bros

The pizza will be available to order via the Deliveroo app from Crust Bros up until this Friday (14th), using either the website or app. Although it looks quite yucky to me, the press is absolutely loving it! Business Insider, Metro, The Sun and The Independent are all talking about it, with some linking to the site.

Well done Deliveroo!

Selfridges is now offering potato peeling classes to stressed-out shoppers

Based on the lower ground floor of Selfridges Oxford Street, the store has launched an immersive and interactive environment where people can take part in workshops, including peeling potatoes, making sourdough bread, or slumbering in haystacks to release the stress of shopping.



The campaign is running until June, and you can buy your tickets here if you want to take part.

IKEA saves relationships

And last but not least, someone sneaked a ‘Relationship Saving Station’ into Ikea!

IKEA is famous for being one of the places that can ruin your relationship. It’s a fact! Ok, it might not be a proven fact, but it certainly is the place for debates and tantrums.

Because of this, someone has placed a ‘Relationship Saving Station’ in the centre of it and everyone loves it!

The station features five quick ways to ease tension with a loved one, including:

Blowing away anger – bubbles make you happy!

 Ikea Bubbles

Putting on cool milk hats – because it’s hard to argue with someone in a milk hat!

Ikea Milk 

Looking at pups in cups – just because!

Ikea Dogs

Yelling at little ponies – let it all out!

 Ikea Ponies

And writing your problems to Agony Aunt Elsa

Ikea Elsa

If that doesn’t defuse your domestic situation, nothing will.

For more PR inspiration, see here or get in touch for advice or ideas around a full Digital PR strategy for your brand!







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