IKEA, Pringles, and Beyoncé! It can only be the PR round-up…

It’s that time of the week where we explore some of our favourite PR campaigns. This week has been full of fun, reactive campaigns from some of the world’s biggest brands. Let’s take a look at a few of the best…

IKEA – Balenciaga Copy

Balenciaga, who are one of the most influential labels in fashion at the moment, recently released a £1,365 tote that’s been called a dead ringer for the iconic IKEA shopping bag. It’s not really a surprise people have made the connection, thanks to its giant size and the vibrant shade of blue… the similarities are impossible to ignore!

IKEA responded to the comparisons with a tongue in cheek ad which advised its customers on how to differentiate the blue tote from its luxury doppelganger.

ikea bag

Samsung – Gear S3

To promote the new Gear S3, the tech giant Samsung installed a digital billboard at a bus stop. The difference with this ad from the hundreds of others installed across the country? The Samsung ad interacted with people as they waited for the bus, resulting in some hilarious reactions.

It certainly stands out from the average bus stop advert – watch the video above to see the full event.

B&Q – Garden Pop-Up!

B&Q has opened its own pop-up garden this week, and will offer some greenery in Central London until Saturday 29th April. The pop-up aims to give Londoners a space to relax and be entertained in the great outdoors.

The latest range of outdoor furniture from the brand will be on offer to test out, alongside a collection of plants. The garden will also play host to daily workshops led by B&Q experts on how to transform your garden.

Guests can attend the garden for free in London’s Soho Square, conveniently right next to the Branded3 London Offices!

Pringles – Edible Flavour Cloud

Kellogg’s recruited model Kelly Brook for a new campaign to promote Pringles earlier this week. The stunt took place by Tower Bridge in London, and gave people the chance to experience the taste of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles though the world’s first “edible flavour cloud”.

The idea was created following a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-inspired survey, the results of which suggested that most people thought it would be the year 2036 before they could taste flavour in the air.

Check out the video below to learn more about this fun campaign.

Beyoncé – Formation Scholarship

Beyoncé has announced that she will be giving four young women the opportunity of a lifetime with her exclusive “Formation Scholarship”.

The scholarships are to mark the one year anniversary of her ground-breaking album, Lemonade. The singer has opened up the opportunity to four US Universities Berklee, Howard, Parsons and Spelman.

One lucky girl from each University will be awarded the opportunity. To apply  applicants must be pursuing degrees in creative arts, music, literature or Africa American studies. Applicants should submit a portfolio of work and an essay answering the prompt: “How has LEMONADE inspired your education goals?” to be in with the chance of winning one of the $25,000 scholarships.


We think this is a really fun way to mark her anniversary and would definitely apply if we fulfilled the criteria.


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