Giant hands, Mexicaba and a Secret Cabin Code

Giant hands, Mexicaba and a Secret Cabin Code

It’s Fri-YAY! Which means it’s that time of the week again, where we give you a quick rundown of our favourite PR activities we’ve seen this week.

Giant hands spotted in Venice

In order to raise awareness about the concerning issue of global warming, Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn has built a larger than life sculpture of two hands rising from a canal to support the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel in Venice.

The sculpture is titled ‘Support’, and was created as part of the 2017 Venice Art Biennale – with the strong message that people need to react to global warming, before it’s too late.

Quinn told Halycon Gallery: “Venice is a floating art city that has inspired cultures for centuries. But to continue to do so it needs the support of our generation and future ones, because it is threatened by climate change and time decay.”

Image Source

“The Day Shazam Forgot”

After partnering with Alzheimer’s Research UK, mobile app Shazam (which is used to identify music that’s playing around you) gave their app a human trait – the ability to forget.

Users loaded up the app as normal, but then experienced Shazam having trouble remembering the songs people asked it to identify. When the app eventually ‘remembered’ the song, users were told this was a collaboration with Alzheimer’s Research UK, and were encouraged to donate to the cause. This resulted in driving 5,096 visitors to the donation page.

The reason for this campaign was to make young people aware that Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t just concern seniors; it can affect people as young as 40.

Check out the below video to see what users experienced:

Nutella’s first-ever official café

For all you Nutella lovers out there, I bring good news.

The first-ever Nutella Café is opening in Chicago on Wednesday May 31 at 10am. This one-of-a-kind Nutella Café is organizing a grand opening ceremony – we heard on the grapevine that the first 400 guests will receive ‘special surprises’.

*Makes note to self to book flights to Chicago*


Christian Louboutin has launched a new collection under the name ‘Mexicaba’, in collaboration with female artisans in the Taller Maya foundation in Mexico, where every single bag is completely unique.

Taller Maya is an organization that employs primarily female artisans in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, helping to preserve their craft skills and providing employment. When the items in the collection have been sold, a percentage of the proceeds will be given to the incredibly talented artisans.




Secret cabin code: easyJet

As a result of being put on the spot via Twitter, easyJet have released a video that reveals the ‘secret code’ their cabin crew uses to communicate with each other:


Speaking about the secret code Tina Milton, Head of Cabin Services said: “We pride ourselves on providing an excellent inflight food service over the past 21 years, and our ‘secret code’ helps us to ensure customer satisfaction in a timely manner.”


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