GOT fans learn to speak High Valyrian in this week’s PR round up!

Last week saw White Walkers from HBO’s most popular TV series, Game of Thrones, descend upon London Bridge. As the show returned this week, even more brands launch GOT related campaigns and this week’s PR round up highlights a couple of our favourites, alongside creative PR from easyJet, Reebok and EE.

Learn High Valyrian with duolingo

The first of our Game of Thrones related campaigns comes from duolingo, the free language platform. Instead of using the app to learn French or Spanish, you can now use it to brush up on your High Valyrian skills, the fictional language spoken by the Targaryen family in GOT.

Huffington Post creator David J. Peterson said “You will be able to produce and understand some of the more famous lines like ‘a dragon is not a slave’ and a lot of Daenerys’ titles.”

“Not all of them, but a lot,”


Tourism Ireland’s Game of Thrones Tapestry

Our second GOT campaign this week comes from Tourism Ireland. With Northern Ireland earning its title as GOT territory, the tourist board have created a giant tapestry which depicts in great detail, every single episode in the series.

The tapestry which has been created over the course of three months is set to grow, reaching 250ft in length by the end of the show as new episodes are added. You can view the tapestry for yourself on their website or visit the real version in the Ulster Museum in Belfast from the 22nd July.

easyJet’s launches “Flybaries”

As schools finish up for the Summer and families across the UK jet off on holiday, low cost airline easyJet have launch “Flybaries”. An initiative created after recent research suggested that children are reading fewer books on holiday than their parents did.

The campaign involves turning their planes into libraries, by hiding up to 7,000 classic children’s books in the aircrafts seat pockets. Onboard, children can also download further books, including an exclusive title from Dame Jaqueline Wilson.

Reebok’s reactive PR

When is it appropriate to say to someone “you’re in such good shape… beautiful”? Hint: not when you’re meeting the first lady of France in front of the worlds media.

During President Trump’s short visit to France recently, he managed to cause controversy for some inappropriate remarks made to first lady, Brigitte Macron. Spotting an opportunity to step in and correct the US president, Reebok quickly jumped on his controversial comments by creating an infographic about where and when this type of comment is appropriate.

The tweet has already had over 52,000 retweets and 88,000 likes!


EE celebrate their 4GEE community cinema club

In a year where EE are celebrating their 20-year partnership with BAFTA and the fact that their 4G coverage reaches 80% of the UK, the mobile network is bringing outdoor cinema experiences to rural areas. The 4GEE Community Cinema Club film series will be hosted in various locations across the UK this summer proving the reliability of their 4G service.

The first event which took place this week gave climbers from Real Adventure Climbing Group stream movies at 500m above sea level in Cumbria. You can apply to be part of the campaign via the EE website.


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